Old House Stuff

I live in a 1915 Bungalow, which is how I got into the arts and crafts movement. Look for finely crafted items made form 1900 to1930 on this page. 

Arts and Crafts/Art Nouveau Mirror

Sexy arts and crafts mirror with a heart motif. Circa 1910. Beveled mirror with some minor aging, but still nice. One missing wood piece that we are currently fashioning a replacement for.

Probably belonged to a sideboard or other piece of period furniture, but looks great on the wall as a stand-alone piece.


OK, it's a repro, but...

For sale is a Rejuvenation ceiling mount porch fixture. The name is "Tabrizi", which is an older version of the current catalog's "Hemlock" fixture. The only difference is that it doesn't dangle and is more of a flush mount. It's in good condition with no broken glass. This is a top-quality fixture made of solid brass and will never rust. It is around 12" tall, and 8" wide at it's widest. It has frosted glass.

New the fixture is $280. I'm offering mine for $125.

Mission Oak Table

Classic circa 1910 Mission table. Quarter sawn oak veneer.

$150 - Sold


Portland, Oregon