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Nikon Coolpix 990 Battery Door Fix

Nikon 990 battery door fix! If you are here, you know that the venerable Nikon Coolpix 990's battery door is prone to breaking. Fortunately, the problem can be solved with the use of a 2 mm thick steel plate. Utilizing a simple 1/4" screw and camera's tripod hole to secure the plate, the battery door can be secured firmly. The plate will not bend, so the batteries are always secure, and the camera will always turn on. Included is a rubber cap to prevent the screw from scratching your tabletop.

The camera will still sit up, but at an angle as shown. The use of the screw in the fitting will prevent the use of a tripod. Plates are hand fashioned, and will vary from the one shown above. They are gloss black and the edges have been rounded so as not to be uncomfortable. This is my own personal fix. I thought some other 990 users might like it too.

I guarantee this will work or your money back (it does not work with the Coolpix 950 - which is flawed in the same way - but is configured differently).





Portland, Oregon